In order to fulfill our educational purposes, Alderson Broaddus University is primarily a residential institution and requires all single, full-time undergraduate students to reside in residence halls. Exceptions to this requirement MAY be made for single students who meet at least one (1) of the following requirements:

  1. Residing with parent(s), grandparent(s), or a legal guardian within a 50-mile radius of Philippi (must complete and submit a Parental Statement form), or
  2. Enrolled for an off-campus experience at least 50 miles from Philippi as part of graduation requirements, or
  3. At least 24 years of age or older, or
  4. Honorably discharged military veterans (need documentation), or
  5. Holders of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher education, or
  6. Employed by a church and choose to live in housing provided by the church, or
  7. Having children who live within your household and you provide more than half their support or,
  8. Fifth-year Senior or Senior having at least 105 hours of undergraduate work.

Please note that this list may not be inclusive of all criteria. Students should refer to the most updated version of the Student Handbook to review the most current policy. Applications must be renewed each year and must meet the deadlines to continue to reside off-campus.

Students are reminded that Financial Aid may be affected when a student’s package is changed to off-campus residency from on-campus housing. Students are encouraged to speak with the Financial Aid office prior to submitting this application.