The Alderson Broaddus University library provides virtually all the materials students need to complete class assignments and achieve success in college. Paid subscription academic databases, available anytime and anywhere on or off-campus, account for 98% of the use of library resources. These internet-accessible full-text and audio resources listed below are available at:

Click Here for AB Pickett Library Resources

  • Hundreds of online Reference books
  • Over 250,000 university and professional press books
  • Over 11,000 full-text journals, magazines, and newspapers

The campus library houses additional resources:

  • Course-related reserve materials
  • Over 40,000 books
  • Over 1,000 audio-visual items

The library staff is skilled and competent. Master’s degree librarians provide subject-specific computer lab instruction on the use of library resources and are available days, evenings, and weekends to provide individual tutorial instruction and assistance to students.