Degree Completion Programs



Most of us have known the feeling of starting on a project, but never completing it. Perhaps, you may have been sidetracked during the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. There are many reasons why some never finish their degree. Some of these reasons include a lack of financial resources, an opportunity to begin a career, family responsibilities, and relocation.

Life happens, and you may not have been able to complete your educational goals. However, you are not alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 28.58% of American adults over 25 years old either started college and never finished or never progressed beyond an associate degree.

How important is a bachelor’s degree? Very, and here are several reasons why.  

A bachelor’s degree . . .

If you have some college experience or an associate degree, Alderson Broaddus University’s degree completion programs can help you begin your pathway to success.  

  • Most previously earned credits will transfer,
  • Financial aid is available,
  • Classes are online in eight-week increments, and
  • Tuition is at a reduced rate.

The following programs are available:

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