AB - Our Mission, Values & Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The mission of Alderson Broaddus University is to provide our students with the highest quality education, striving to prepare students to succeed in their chosen disciplines and to fulfill their roles in a diverse society as well-rounded and responsible citizens.


Alderson Broaddus University is an independent institution of higher learning, committed to serving the region as an academic, cultural, and religious resource, with programs based on a liberal arts foundation. The University is rooted in historic and continuing relationships with the American Baptist Churches USA and the West Virginia Baptist Convention.

Vision Statement

Alderson Broaddus University will:

  • Prepare graduates for success and service to humanity;
  • Embody its Christian heritage by caring for each student in a faith-based learner-centered environment;
  • Be renowned as a leader in health-related and professional higher education;
  • Educate students in the tenets of civic engagement, communication, critical thinking, diversity, and ethics to provide the foundation of a liberal arts education;
  • Enhance the quality of life and economic viability of the region.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Diversity Statement

Alderson Broaddus University (“AB”) is a diverse community that is inclusive, equitable, and supportive of all faculty, staff, and students. All members of the AB community are and will continue to be exposed to different ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures, including but not limited to all aspects of race/ethnicity, sexual/gender orientation/identity, disability, age, religious beliefs, economics, and citizenship status. AB will continue to embrace and nurture diversity throughout our community.

Church Relatedness Statement

Alderson Broaddus University affirms our commitment to our historical and continuing relationship with the American Baptist Churches USA and the West Virginia Baptist Convention. We fulfill our educational mission as a faith-based learning community through an ethically informed curriculum from a Christian perspective. Alderson Broaddus University seeks to provide a caring community, reflective of the diversity present in society and in the body of Christ, but united in mutual respect and understanding. We embrace Christian values, including moral integrity, service, trust, justice, and compassion, among others. Within a nurturing environment, we seek to support and empower all members of our community to explore and carry out these values. As part of this commitment, we support religious freedom and respect diverse expressions of faith.